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Introduction Rizky Semarang

Introducing my name is Rizky kharisma, living in Semarang City, Central Java. On this blog, I use the name Rizky Semarang, the reason is to be more professional with what I share on this blog, namely programming tutorials, technology info, internet marketing news about Semarang, especially in the era of technology, and so on.

Now that I am an alumnus of STIE ANINDYAGUNA Semarang in 2021, it doesn’t feel like time has passed so quickly, even though it was only yesterday that I registered at STIE ANINDYAGUNA in Semarang City, and now I don’t feel like I am already an alumni.

Because I used to go to school at STIE ANINDYAGUNA Semarang and my major in Management was not suitable but I liked technology the most, so I know various programming languages ​​and things about other technologies, therefore I made this blog, and so I can share more knowledge with all my friends as visitors to this blog.

therefore I created a blog with Rizkysmg.com Domain to achieve my wish.

Information about Rizky Semarang at a glance.

Rizkysmg.com logo

As we already know, the rizkysmg.com logo, which is a book with a PC in the middle, at first I got the inspiration for the logo from the many piles of assignments, and every day I can’t let go of the laptop. So at that time I got the inspiration to make the logo.

Background Created by rizkysmg.com

The main reason I created this rizkysmg.com blog is to share programming knowledge, technology information and other things related to the IT world.

That’s why I started to build this rizkysmg.com blog so that it can become a quality blog.

To develop this blog, I diligently upload articles that I make myself every day, at least one article per day.

At first it was difficult but over time the routine of blogging became a hobby that was difficult to leave.

Purpose Created rizkysmg.com

My goal in creating this blog is to share programming knowledge, technology information, and other things related to the IT world.

Besides that, I also have a goal to build this blog so that later it can be useful for IT students who are looking for tutorials and other things related to the world of technology.

Rizkysmg.com will continue to grow and try to provide information that is hopefully useful for readers. rizkysmg.com also accepts input and constructive criticism from readers so that rizkysmg.com can fix existing deficiencies. Please send us your feedback and criticism via the contact page.

Finally, from rizkysmg.com, best wishes to you and I hope this simple blog can provide inspiration and useful information for readers. And don’t forget to leave good comments on the articles you read.